Mainstream Real Estate Group

Mainstream Real Estate Group is a vibrant real estate firm with a contagious passion and energy for what we do. We are shaking up people's perceptions of the real estate industry and how we buy and sell homes.

Mainstream Real Estate Group opened its Silicon Valley doors in Campbell in 2013 with a focus on serving the communities we love. These are the communities where we were raised, where our families and friends are, and where we live, give, work and play.

Mainstream was founded on the principle of abandoning the constraints many larger regional and national real estate firms face. We want to serve our clients to the absolute best of our abilities, without rigid corporate guidelines holding us back. We are shaking up the way real estate is bought and sold—from our paperless practices to our creative strategies. "Unlike many real estate firms where it is every agent for himself or herself, we believe in collaboration and we believe in it because we know it consistently gets the results our clients deserve. When you work with one of us at Mainstream, you work with all of us."